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Andy Chou

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Feng Shui, Positive Energy
About Andy Chou

After graduated from the University of Hong Kong, I continued my studies to become a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner. I found my interest in Feng Shui in my University days. Besides broadening my knowledge from books, I also took many related courses conducted by various famous masters.

In 2009, I was inspired by a very reputable mentor and decided to take up my interest in Feng Shui as my career. The decision has changed the entire course of my life. Not only does this profession give me a high level of satisfaction from helping people to improve their lives, but it also enables me to explore the other side of the commercial world.

Since taking on Feng Shui as my career, I have worked with many well-known corporations, top tier financial institutions including leading commercial banks, investment banks and an investment and listing authority in Hong Kong, a renowned insurance company, prestigious law firms, a restaurant chain with a long history in Hong Kong, etc. In 2012, I was invited to Penang to provide Feng Shui advice on some real estate projects developed by one of the top 4 developers in Malaysia. I also had the privilege of delivering speeches on Feng Shui to some of these corporate clients and their guests. Because of the above network, many of my individual clients are professionals, including lawyers, accountants, bankers and doctors, etc.



20/F Central Tower

28 Queen's Road Central

Hong Kong


+852 - 9239 0880


+852 - 2530 0936


Feng Shui Service
Feng Shui, Bagua

Feng Shui aligns how energies flow at your home and office, harmonizes you with the environment and endows you with more positive energies in order to bring you Wellness, Harmony, Prosperity and Love.

Date Selection Service

Wedding, opening of a new shop or office and relocation of home and office are always considered as a new chapter of life. It is important to select an auspicious date for these events to ensure a very successful beginning. There is a saying that a good start is half way to success.

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Investment Market Forecast from Feng Shui perspective

A clip from my talk

Cantonese Dialogue with English Subtitles.

Feng Shui Setting to Improve Health

A clip from my talk

Cantonese Dialogue with English Subtitles

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